FAQ Category: Commission

Environmental Responsibility is the core theme for the Hatfield Forest commission, as detailed in the Commission Brief. ECDP and the National Trust are committed to minimising the potential for negative impacts on the environment. ECDP… Read more »

At the proposal stage, we’re not expecting a fully formed idea with worked up drawings, rather a strong creative idea and some interesting starting points (inspired by the commission brief), along with some thoughts about… Read more »

We accept written, verbal and video proposals for this commission, in response to the Commission Brief. We can also accept your submission in the form of a 1-2-1 interview with a member of the ECDP… Read more »

Our core mission is to energise diversity in arts and heritage. We know that diversity is different for everyone. Diversity for us means: Cultural diversity | Different ethnic backgrounds | Low socio-economic backgrounds | LGBTQ+… Read more »

Our commissions are often ‘place-based’, inviting creative practitioners to respond to a particular place. This has included cities, towns, beaches and waterways, National Trust sites, forests, and even a housing development that has not yet… Read more »