Do I need to think about the environment?

Environmental Responsibility is the core theme for the Hatfield Forest commission, as detailed in the Commission Brief.

ECDP and the National Trust are committed to minimising the potential for negative impacts on the environment. ECDP as an NPO (National Portfolio Organisation) has a leadership role in the arts/cultural sectors and can therefore have a positive impact on environmental sustainability as we have for issues relating to diversity. This is relevant to the commissioning programme for artists, and we are keen that those interested in this commission for Hatfield Forest consider how they will reduce the impact of their work on the environment. For example, the use of materials – consider whether they are recyclable, made from recycled materials, or can be repurposed after the commission. The aim of this will be to reduce the waste from commissions/exhibitions and the use of non-recyclable materials where possible. Hatfield Forest is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and as such can’t have plant material or seeds brought in from outside unless they are carefully vetted due to the risk of them being a bio-hazard to the indigenous species.

Artists should consider where possible choosing accessible locations for activities and events – locations that can be easily accessed by public transport or walking as well as by older people. We accept that this can be challenging for less central locations. You may wish, for example, to consider including transport in your budget as some forest locations are over a mile away from  the closest bus stop.