How will the project be evaluated?

We expect the appointed artists to evaluate and track the outcomes of the project, with our support, and we will provide guidelines for this on appointment.

It is important for Essex Cultural Diversity Project, as an Arts Council England funded National Portfolio Organisation (NPO), to report on all of our activities effectively and accurately. Commissions are a key element of our NPO programme and we expect there to be important outcomes, which we will work with the commissioned artist to record and track.

The appointed artist is expected to provide a final report at the end of the commission and record both quantitative and qualitative information to support ECDP in capturing outcomes. These include:

  • Description of what took place and numbers of workshops/events/meetings
  • Numbers of participants, volunteers, audiences who attended events and digital audiences
  • Reflections on how the commission has impacted on the practice of the appointed artist(s), and how the commission may have impacted beneficiaries
  • Any recorded feedback from participants/beneficiaries or partner organisations involved
  • Photos from workshops, events and the artwork/performances

It is expected that the commissioned artist(s) will meet with commissioners regularly throughout the project, to update on progress and talk through any issues or challenges.