What do you mean by diversity?

Our core mission is to energise diversity in arts and heritage. We know that diversity is different for everyone. Diversity for us means: Cultural diversity | Different ethnic backgrounds | Low socio-economic backgrounds | LGBTQ+ | Disability | Neurodiversity | or an intersection of these

We are looking for projects that engage with: Deprived communities | marginalised voices | communities with little or no access to the Arts | those who are culturally curious or want to connect with where they live in different ways.

In your proposal, we don’t expect you to tell us what diversity is or why it’s important (that’s our job) – instead tell us how your project explores or promotes diversity (through its core themes, or needs and interests of its participants), how it has shaped your creative practice, and the diverse communities you would like to work with. Even better if you have an idea of the groups that you’d like to work with, and/or how you will recruit participants.