EVEWRIGHT’s Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories

Tilbury Port Bridge Walkway c Artist EVEWRIGHT

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories

Evewright Arts Foundation (EAF)

Art installation preview now online

Tilbury Bridge Walkway of Memories is an outdoor art and sound installation by Artist EVEWRIGHT. It is the first site-specific art and sound installation created at the Port of Tilbury in Essex and the UK dedicated to people of the Windrush Generation. The installation is an immersive visual art experience, installed on 72 windows with 432 panes of glass collaged with photographs, documents, boat passenger tickets and memorabilia. The artwork is installed in an original passenger walkway 55 metres long. It includes audio stories of over 160 minutes listening time in 10-minute segments across 22 listening windows, about the lives of some of the elders and their families, whose images are featured in the installation. It is a tribute to those that travelled not only on the Empire Windrush but to the many that came before and the many that followed that journey to the UK.

This work will open to the public in Summer 2021. In the meantime, the preview can be seen at WWW.EVEWRIGHTARTS.ORG. The website will give you exclusive images and information about the art installation, activities, tours and artist talks.

Image above Tilbury Walkway © EVEWRIGHT all rights reserved 2020.