Soap and Porridge: making memories into art

Wednesday 1 Apr 2020 - Sunday 31 May 2020
Picture of Tom Cross at Aylesbury library

Soap and Porridge: Tom Cross

What is your First Memory?
What might be your lasting memory?

Artist Tom Cross invites us to share our stories, as part of his artist commission in Aylesbury Library. Since October, he has been working alongside his creative collaborator Aoife Mannix to create picture and poems based on his and other people’s memories, prompted by the questions above. He’s seeing the coronavirus ‘pause’ as an opportunity to move from the library to online, sharing people’s stories through images and short videos, and asking us all to get involved in the conversation.

Visit the new Soap & Porridge Twitter page and meet the artist, see the work he has created so far, and share your stories via tweets or Direct Message (DM). Alternatively email Tom at

Here’s a taster of the work he is posting…