ECDP TV: Sophia, a Princess for All

Image of Princess Sophia Duleep Singh


Sophia, a Princess for All

This short 14-minute mini-documentary was made as part of our project on Princess Sophia Duleep Singh. Supported by the Women’s Centenary Fund, the project celebrated the life of the Suffragette, using her story as a starting point to inspire women to be leaders in their communities and increase their engagement with politics and democracy.

The Project engaged hundreds of people, with a pop-up exhibition touring to schools, gurdwaras, galleries and museums; roundtable discussions with South Asian women; a conference for women called Sophia’s Assembly; a new theatre piece about Sophia by Time Will Tell; an event with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown at Firstsite as part of their exhibition on fellow Suffragette, Millicent Fawcett; and a Special Assembly on Sophia Duleep Singh at the House of Commons.

The film features contributions from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, journalist and author; Peter Bance, author and Sikh Historian; and Melissa Hawker and Oliver Bone from Ancient House Museum, Norfolk Museums Services.

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