Building links in China for future festival work

An image of Indi Sandhu and Simone Xue in China

Our Creative Director Indi Sandhu and Trustee Simone Xue recently visited cultural and heritage organisations in Jiangsu Province, China. This Research and Development visit will support collaborative ways of working, as well as opportunities for Essex based artists to visit China and vice versa, through the planning and development of a festival celebrating Chinese culture in Essex, in partnership with the Colchester Chinese Culture Society.

The trip was funded by the British Council’s UK-China Connections through Culture Grants, to develop our work with the Changzhou Museum, Arts and Cultural Centre.

“This was a great opportunity for ECDP to meet with a range of organisations in the arts and heritage sector including China Senior Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Research Association, China Jiangsu Performing Arts Group , Jiangsu Qipao Academy, Changzhou Museum and Jiangsu Qipao Academy. We will be further meeting with a range of arts and heritage organisation in Colchester and feedback in regards  to the China trip to organise a large scale festival of Colchester and Jiangsu in 2020 showcasing the traditions, culture and folklore from the Jiangsu Province.” Simone Xue, ECDP Trustee and founder of the Colchester Chinese Culture Society