Ronald Amanze: Dementia, Music and Me

An audio recording of Ronald Amanze’s talk for ‘Dementia, Diversity and the Arts’ an event which celebrated the important role of art and creativity in the lives of people living with dementia. We explored how art can help those living with dementia communicate and connect, and enhance mental health and emotional wellbeing. There was a strong focus on diversity, opening a dialogue on how art, theatre and music can help people live well with dementia, personalise support, and reach underrepresented communities. This was a partnership event organised by Essex Cultural Diversity Project and Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends Programme.…sity-and-the-arts/

Ronald, founder of Talk Dementia, is a Black Dementia Champion with the Alzheimer’s Society, a Dementia Diarist with DEEP, an Ambassador for The Stroke Association, and a Trustee of Arts 4 Dementia. He is working to ensure there is better provision for the BAME communities in dementia service and more involvement from BAME communities in dementia research. A musician and music producer by background he is passionate about the role of creativity in improving the quality of life experience for all living with dementia.

In 2013 Ronald had a stroke which resulted in a brain injury and in 2015 he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Following a long period of recovery with the support of Headway, along with various social workers and the Alzheimer’s Society, Ronald has learned to manage his health concerns and now he is committed to championing health awareness using the medium of music and creative expression.