A Common Way: Eco-Feminism Forest Walk

Sunday 14 Jul 2024 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Hatfield Forest being gifted to the public, we’re exploring our relationship with the woods through fresh eyes and fearless feet. This guided storytelling walk invites women and those identifying as female to get up close and personal with one of Britain’s best preserved ancient forests; discovering its secrets, exploring its diversities, sharing and weaving new ways through it together.

We’ll be meeting the unusual beings that dwell deep in the woods, learning how they identify, interrelate, care and connect.

We’ll be experimenting with wild ways of walking, using our bodies to challenge the norms of how we explore and interact with the Forest.

And we’ll be sharing stories, dreams and forest snacks, discovering new ways of connecting with ourselves and one another through our lived experiences.

Expect the unexpected – including moments of mindfulness, silliness, laughter and honesty. We will probably get lost more than once!

The walk will be led by artists Kirsty Badenoch and Tom Kendall, as part of the Hatfield 100 project, ‘A Common Way’, commissioned by Essex Cultural Diversity Project in partnership with the National Trust. Through a series of workshops held over summer 2024, the project will create a new trail and collective story that leads around the Forest, creating connections between nature and one another. The trail launch will be celebrated by a big party in September, inviting everyone to join.

This is a small, intimate event with limited places. Send an email to register and secure yours! Email to reserve your space.

A Common Way is made possible through a commission from Essex Cultural Diversity Project supported by Arts Council England, in partnership with the National Trust.

The artists launched their project in June 2024 with a Queer Ecology Solstice Spell, inviting visitors to Hatfield Forest to cast a spell for the forest. Over 100 people took part, contributing offerings of care to their colourful solstice alter.

Queer Ecology Soltice Spell

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